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“…There’s a surprise. It was roastin’ at Ozzfest the year me and Buddhapesto worked at the beer tent. I would have died. Sometimes it’s all I can take to make it to the store and back sanely anymore…”

“AAAH….mighty digful, bubulah! Like habanero sauce for my eyes….”Awaiting Presence” makes me feel like rolling around with my lover in a great big vat of Buddhapesto while crooned by Santana through a dense cloud of jasmine incense eminating from grottos in vezuvianite cliffs speckled with azure-eyed, bionic goats leering at my basil-lathered bedouinette. THANK YOU FOR MAKING THE WORLD MORE BEAUTIFUL! ”

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Your pesto is AMAZING!!! Bought it at the street fair in Schenectady will visiting my daughter at school….Will absolutely be having some shipped to my home in Upstate NY. You make great food!

Wow words can not completely explain the extraordinary taste of BuddhaPesto. It’s bliss and enlightenment of the tastes buds stands out from all other pestos. I LOVE PESTO…. and I don’t think I’ll ever stop liking it.

Best pesto I ever had in my life! First had it at farmers market in Schenectady, then at the garlic festival in Saugerties. Best balance of ingredients ever, job well done!

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